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We are excited to announce our partnership with HDYO to launch the
HDSA Youth and Young Adult Mentorship Program

originally designed by our friends at the Huntington Society of Canada! 

Thank you to our sponsor Neurocrine for giving us the
opportunity to bring this amazing program to the United States.

The mentorship program is designed to support young people across the United States who face the everyday challenges of growing up in a family affected by Huntington’s Disease.  The HDSA and HDYO are committed to offering a nationwide mentoring program that provides youth (mentee) with one-on-one time and attention with another person within the HD/JHD community (mentor) who will receive training and ongoing support from a Youth Social Worker within the HDSA.

Click here to talk to someone about the Mentorship Program

To start a NEW application for the Youth and Young Adult Mentorship Program, click here

To continue working on an existing application, login to, click "proposals," and navigate to your in-progess submission. 

For detailed instructions on how to complete your application, click here

The application needs to be completed by individuals interested in participating as mentors and mentees. Once your completed application is received and reviewed, you will be contacted by the Manager of Youth and Community Services to discuss your application and the next steps that need to be taken to continue toward becoming a successful mentee or mentor.

If you have questions/concerns about the application process or the program please contact:

MaryAnn Emerick
Phone: (212) 242-1968 ext. 252