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NYA Day & HDSA Convention Scholarships

The intent of this scholarship is to help active members of the NYA, attend the HDSA National Convention.

This fund was established to benefit all current members of the NYA and exists thanks to the support and generosity of families at the annual NYA Silent Auction and other events held at the annual HDSA National Convention, as well as fundraising efforts by NYA members throughout the year.

Scholarship Availability & Application
The scholarship is open to any current or alumni member of the NYA who did NOT receive a scholarship the previous year. You must be a registered member of HDSA’s NYA to apply. Membership information is available at

NYA alumni applications will receive full consideration from the Scholarship Committee. However, scholarships will only be awarded if funding is available after current NYA member scholarships have been awarded.

All Scholarship recipients are expected to attend NYA Day as well as all pertinent workshops and NYA activities during the course of the National Convention. You will also be required to volunteer either for silent auction preparation or at the NYA table during the Convention.

What does the scholarship cover?
•    A Full Scholarship:
A full scholarship recipient will receive funding to cover round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations (you may be asked to share a room with other scholarship recipients) and Convention registration.
•    A Partial Scholarship:
A partial scholarship recipient will receive funding to cover one of the following:
-Round-trip airfare
-Hotel Accommodations
-Convention Registration

To apply for a scholarship please click here